Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Gosling. Ten Hollywood stars who are less successful gi of children


15. March 2020 – 13:44

Here is a gallery of actors, the most famous gi in et is too early. A notoriet never went under, and that she sees, on the crest of the wave now, many years

of Francesco Tortora

Success is difficult to confirm this more and more. The know very well, the Hollywood stars became famous as a child, which has managed to stay on the crest of the wave over the years. The exhibition is presented by the website Insider a part of Jodie Foster, actress and twice Oscar-by the interpretation of the films Under indictment (1989) and The silence of the lambs (1992). Jodie, real name: Alicia Christian Foster, was a girl child Prodigy, and et 3 years he played in a number of commercials prior to participating in the various TV programmes such as The Doris Day Show and The courtship of Eddie’s Father. Here is a photo from 1969, during the show The courtship of Eddie’s Father.



15. March 2020 | 13:44