Scarlett Johansson paid than men for his Black Widow


Scarlett Johannsonfor his role as Black Widow in the film, the Marvel only the led is that the Soviet Union Natasha Romanoff, is he just like the colleagues Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworthor Captain America and Thor on the big screen. A new record for the actress, who topped already was last summer by the magazine Forbes as the interpreter, a woman paid more in the world. But this time was the result of Johansson also takes on a further meaning, a symbolic: in the time of the movements #MeToo and Time’s Up, the time in which, after years of strong back reflection on the condition of women in Hollywood, Scarlett Johannson can you as a conquest. In addition to a character that Marvel would like the actress a tight hold on much of the time.

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According to what he writes The Hollywood Reporterfor the role in Black Widow, Johannson will be paid us $ 15 million were the male colleagues in terms of remuneration, remuneration for a movie. But not only that: because if the actress gets paid as much as Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in their roles as Captain America and Thor Avengers: Infinity Wasis the first time ever that an interpreter paid so much for a stand-alone operation, i.e. independent part of a Marvel films. In 2008, in fact, Robert Downey Jr he 500mila us dollars was paid for the party of Tony Stark in Iron Manwhile Chadwick Boseman was paid two million dollars for his role in Black Pantherthe movie in 2018-record revenue and positive reviews from critics and audiences (and for this reason is the idea that for the sequel to the film, the see Ryan Coogler, the Director, in the remuneration of the of Chadwick Boseman, grow significantly). Also Brie Larsonthe main role in the film the next year in Captain Marvel, is receives a remuneration higher than that of other men, us $ 5 million, but lower Scarlett Johannson.

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Since 2010 Iron Man 2, Johannson, she had the role of Black Widow in six films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now she is also convinced of the activist of the movement ” #MeToo, the road to open with the Actresses in the direction of one of the objectives that will be discussed, and the wage equality. He does it with a film with a main character supereroina and see that a woman is also the Director of the Australian Cate Shortland.

In March of this year, in a dispute the message that in the tv series on Netflix was The Crownthe main person Claire Foy in the role of Queen Elisabeth, was paid significantly less than Matt SmithPrince Philip in the series. Due to differences, the manufacturer, the level of awareness of Smith with the tv series Doctor Who. With the arrival of the third season, however, and with Olivia Colman in the role of the Queen in the place of Foy, which promises to production, delete all wage inequality: “I hope so, we are told,” had commented, Colman a Republic of, interviewed on the last Venice film festival. “The debt is not had, as long as the women don’t get paid like men – said to Talk to the actress – about to support us, the concerns of one with the other, to ensure that all voices are heard. It is the only way and it’s nice that it happens”.

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And indeed, it seems that something is going on, with the news of Scarlett Johannson, but even with that a few months ago, the main role of a woman in Hollywood, but her place behind the camera: Patty Jenkins. The Director Wonder Woman the remuneration for the sequel to the film with After is more paid in the world.

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