Spain prohibits its citizens to go out to the street except for reasons of first need, to stop outbreak of coronavirus


The Spanish Government announced that starting this Saturday, it is forbidden to go outside, except to buy food or medicine or to go to the doctor, in order to contain the coronavirus outbreak that affects the european country.

“This ban responds to the Article 7 of the Royal Decree, and is of obligatory compliance”, said the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, during an appearance this Saturday after the declaration of the State of Alarm in the Council of Ministers.

According to the article cited above, the citizens will only be able to leave their homes under certain requirements: Acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals, necessities and assistance to hospitals, Sanchez said.

“That is to say, he explained, can only leave to go to work, buy the bread, to take the dog or money from the atm, but they can not circulate on the streets to go to dinner at a friend’s house, or go take a coffee, or any other similar considerations”.

Appearance-institutional also reported to remain closed educational centres, including universities, as well as cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and museums.

“The Government of Spain will do everything possible to mitigate the economic effects” of the pandemic, he said.

This appearance comes a day after the daily american The New York Times accused the Spanish government you have delayed in taking measures to prevent the increase of positive of coronavirus in the iberian country.

The newspaper recalled that last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people marched through the major cities to celebrate the International Women’s Day. Other events attracting large crowds for sporting and politicians are also celebrated over the weekend.

During the day of Friday, the Spanish government decreed the “state of alarm” with the growing advance of the outbreak of coronavirus. Sanchez gave know through an institutional statement made from The white house, shortly before 3:30 pm (local time).

“We will adopt a set of decisions exceptional aimed at mobilizing all resources, public and private, civil and military for the protection of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable,” announced the president.

He warned, moreover, that the spaniards had to wait “weeks very hard”, and that we cannot rule out that in the next few days is to reach more than 10 thousand affected by the coronavirus in the country.

According to the latest official data published by the Ministry of Health, the number of infected by coronavirus in Spain reached this Friday 4.209 cases. This implies 1,244 in more than the Thursday. Of time the number of deaths amounted to 120.

The situation in Madrid is the most complicated because it concentrates 2.078 cases, according to the latest data of the regional government. The streets of the Spanish capital they feel this Friday practically empty by the call of the authorities to their residents to stay at home.

The state of alarm decreed is one of the exceptional situations envisaged by the Spanish Constitution, can be declared for a period of 15 days and includes extreme measures such as the confinement of the population or evacuation orders.

The article 116.2 of the Constitution allows you to declare the state of alarm -in part or in whole the national territory – when you are experiencing severe alterations of the normal. Among the causes referred to include: health crises like epidemics, pandemics and serious contamination situations or disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and urban forest or accidents of a large magnitude.