“Stay at home”, the song of a cuban musician with the quarantine by the coronavirus


The singer and songwriter known as Ariel from Cuba he released a song that seeks to encourage people to protect themselves from the coronavirus, as advised by the World Health Organization and health authorities of the most affected countries.

“Hello, my people. This is my best contribution to the campaign #QuédateEnCasa against the coronavirus, with music,” said the singer at the beginning of the song.

With a mix of merengue, electronic and urban beats, Ariel, based in Spain, advises that staying home is the best we can do and that “this is not a game”.

“No matter the political that follow you, the planet needs your attitude. Now is the time to act, coronavirus we’re going to shut down”, says the song.

Ariel also thanks all the people who are from various fronts by giving the effort to stop the spread of the virus and give the best care to the sick.

“All my respects to all those brave professionals who are at work as the animals, to see if the people of this comes out, you yes that vouchers”.

This Saturday in Spain, he lived an exciting moment when from all windows, terraces and balconies of all the cities felt applause and cheers in appreciation of the health workers and of sectors of the first need.

The World Health Organization is asking for people to take awareness against the serious pandemic of COVID-19 and, in addition to washing your hands with plenty of soap and water for at least 20 seconds several times a day, staying at home is the best way to contain the rapid spread.