Thalia sends EMOTIONAL council on the Coronavirus Is it a joke?


The Coronavirus it already is a pandemic inevitable in all over the world, this is why many celebrities are using their power of arrival to raise awareness about what is currently happening, to them has joined the mexican singer Thalía.

That is why the singer Thaliaa few days ago he was sending out some tips on personal hygiene and the washing of hands and even nails, but now it has been struck with a video that seeks to sensitize their followers to follow the sanitary standards to avoid infections.

It turns out that the interpreter of “I forgot,” she took a moment to record a clip that went up to his personal account of Instagram, which with a lot of warmth speaks to his fans about the current situation, with a faraway stare of fear the singer transmits tranquility.

The tips of Thalia before the Coronavirus

Thalia 48-year-old shared his transmission by typing: “United and in love, we can overcome it ALL.” And started using a strange filter, blue eyes and tattoos white in the face.

“These are times to be calm within the chaos, these are the times to seek peace, stability, love and faith”, with a calm only he addressed to all. The pop singer added: “Yes, what is happening is real but we have the responsibility to maintain calm and peace, especially if we have young children at home, if you have little children, if we are caregivers.”

There is No doubt that Thalia, who is the wife of Tommy Mottola, with a smile, nothing more his own, he continued: “We try to bring this wisdom, and inner strength. Many times these things happen to give you that spiritual awakening that humanity needs to soon for all that we live every day, every second”.

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Finally, Thalia said he is now in quarantine with his family, so he asked to his followers that they carefully wash their hands, not to touch your face, eat healthy, do exercises and drink water.