‘The Batman’ it’s not like you can with the coronavirus and suspends filming


The already well-known pandemic caused by the COVID-19 is forcing you to take exceptional measures in all sectors. Thus, in the audiovisual several productions have seen how they stood, their filming or delaying their dates of premieres. The last to do quarantine will be ‘The Batman’, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson.

'The Batman' suspends filming

According to reports The Hollywood Reporter, the highly anticipated film from Warner Bros. it has also decided to make a stalemate and postpone the shoot until further notice. In principle would be only two weeks, but the study will monitor the evolution of the coronavirus to return to return the tape without danger.

In reality, this pause has not fallen too badly in the new film by the dark knight into what it should be. The shoot was nearing the end of its step by Scotland and the team was on the verge of moving to Liverpool. In this way, preparations in the English city will not have to be carried out and remain average.

Taking example

The decision to suspend the shooting, and probably postpone its release date, has been influenced by the rest of studies. This week Disney has stopped all his productions except animation, Sony has paused ‘The Man from Toronto’ and Netflix has done the same with ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Network Notice’. Not to mention the dozens of films that were going to be released these next few days and have been displaced several months.

In this way, Warner Bros. he also starts to take awareness about the problem. To ‘The Batman’ is expected to follow other major productions such as ‘Matrix 4’, who has finished their recordings in San Francisco and heads to Berlin to prepare for new scenes. The study also has launched the third part of ‘Fantastic beasts’ and the new movie of Will Smith ‘King Richard’. It is presumable that all this has to be deferred at least a few weeks.