The creators of ‘The Walking Dead’ take years to prepare for a pandemic


It is inevitable that the constant news that we get about the Coronavirus to make us believe that we are living in a movie or science fiction series constant and, there is no reason to deny it, a in which first you think is to ‘The Walking Dead’what would the protagonists of the series in our situation?

To lack of power to ask Dayl or Michonne, the creators assure you to The Hollywood Reporter that they, themselves, have everything ready to deal with this situation. “We are prepared to work remotely”explains Angela Kang. “I’m the head of technology. We use video-conferencing regularly. We are very well prepared for it and it has always worked for us”.

'The Walking Dead'

It is not something strange to the team of the series that work this way, usually the shooting takes place in Georgia and a large part of the creation and production in Los Angeles, so that these means are not they are new to keep in touch.

We have done this for many years. Even when there was a pandemic throughevery time someone is sick, we just make a video call. We are very used to doing this”, says Kang.

In the case of ‘The Walking Dead’ the current situation does not much affect the continuity of the series, since there are only a brand new the last episodes of the season and when they don’t have shooting, they have not had that crippling your current routine. The creator ensures that, “fortunately, they are all following the plan. We don’t have a team that is rolling at this time, so that we are not currently affected.

Next delays

With the end of the tenth season just around the corner, the own Angela Kang confirmed that the creators and writers of ‘The Walking Dead’ are already in development of the pre-production of season 11that is expected for the autumn of 2020.

This implies that the script writing is still in place, but, as reported by Deadline, the future filming would be delayed, as well as the next season of the spin-off “Fear The Walking Dead’so both films could be the end of the year or even in 2021.