The famous model (and girlfriend Irina Shayk), which prevents the coronavirus dressed as well


March 14, 2020
(18:40 CET)

Irina Shayk has amazed, like around the world, with the outfit that you put Naomi Campbell to prevent the coronavirus in his last appearance in public. And is that the model, ebony put on a costume worthy of the series Chernobyl to prevent the contagiasen.

However, far from being protected, the experts have warned that the look of Naomi Campbell is more costume than something that really can protect.

The picture that shocked his girlfriend Irina Shayk it was just a way of calling attention, and it seems that it did so with many appearances in magazines and half a million likes on the social networks.

Is obsessed

It seems that for Naomi Campbell the coronavirus is something that creates panic. And it is for this reason that his recent publications have shown a number of ways to protect yourself from the contact of the people.

In fact, the latest posting appears with a few latex gloves in the plane, showing how protected she is with regard to the pandemic.

Explained it all

In his last messages, he explained the reason of such images in which you can see protecting oneself: “Usually a meeting before my gloves because I have them separated. Towels anti-bacterial. You have to clean everything you touch, everything that, everything that you can touch with your hands. All. This is what I do on every plane I get, I don’t care what people say of me. This is my health and makes me feel better”.