The reina Sofia sunken. “You have robbed your son.” Scandal breaking in Spain


March 15, 2020
(12:35 CET)

They are few in the media who play the information that was brought to light in the journal Tribune de Geneve. The one in which it revealed that the king emeritus Juan Carlos I had taken 100 million euros in commissions Saudi Arabia and that had been hidden in Switzerland.

A quantity of which, according to the newspaper, would have dealt a good between your former lovers Corinna and Martha Gay, pocketing the rest, a few 65 million eurosin your pocket.

The princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

Get to Philip VI in the scandal Juan Carlos I

Already, however, are the foreign media to continue carving up the matter and also to the monarchy. And it is that attention to the new information published by the british The Telegraphbecause the scandal splashed also of his son, the King of Spain Felipe VI.

According to the publication, the Jede of State figure as the beneficiary of the account in which are deposited these 65 million euros. “The revelations threaten to erode the image of the king Felipe six years after that he could take over the role of her father, promising a break with his father affected by scandal,” he told the media.

The Royal House, beaten again

And he adds: “The king Felipe you will have to explain the extent of their wealth, and personal interests, including the money that belongs to you, deposited in bank accounts abroad”. However, the latter hardly happen.

Even so, the matter has not gone unnoticed in the Royal House. Especially to the mother of the king, emeritus Sofia, which has been a great disappointment when we are informed that “have caught his child.” Because Sofia she is cured of ghosts with her husband, but that they point to your child is something that, like any mother, it hurts in the soul.