The “very special friend” of Ana Obregón is already like a father to Alex Lequio


Álex Lequio and Ana Obregon

March 14, 2020
(18:24 CET)

Álex Lequio remains tireless in his fight against cancer. For a few days ago has been very concerned about his followers. The reason is that for more than a month had not published anything on his account Instagram. The last post is dated on February 4, when he recorded a message from his office.

For peace of mind the most, the son of Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio again give signs of life, hanging two publications. One of them was particularly touching and made the hairs d epuinta to his followers.

Álex Lequio reassures his fans

“Throw us to the pool was always culture,” writes Alex next to a video in which he is seen to be a child of two years at most, ‘pushing’ your father in the swimming pool.

Now, thanks to the magazine of the Week and Jaleos we can know that, probably, the reason of his silence was that he was preparing for his temporary transfer to Barcelona. Apparently, according to point out both media, Lequio go “for a season” to the city.

Heading to Barcelona

Do not go alone. Alex will travel with your mother, with which they are thought to be “at most until the month of June”.

There, in the Catalan capital, will undergo an innovative treatment that would be done in the hospital Quirónsalud, which we visited for the first time in January 2019. This process has been imported from United States and will be led by the prestigious doctor Josep Baselgaa person defined as a “very special friend” of Anna and they sail very concerned about the progress of Alex, which looks almost like a son.

According to indicate from the means mentioned, in the environment of Obregon they are very excited with this step and “very hopeful with this therapy.”