The video of Leonor that humiliates the queen Sofia like never before

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March 14, 2020
(10:27 CET)

The relationship between the Queen Letizia and his political family has never been too good. On the contrary. All Spain has witnessed some that another outburst in public.

The monarch always knew that in Zarzuela despised it. The royalty of Spain never saw well that his son is to marry the granddaughter of a taxi driver. And less if this had a ‘past’. They did not consider that was worthy of inheriting the Spanish crown.

Little scene in Palma

A good test of these differences between the ex Tv Spanishand the family of the King Felipe VI we could see in the mass of Easter held in the Cathedral of Palma in 2018. That occasion in which Letizia she tried to avoid the emeritus Dona Sofia take a picture with the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofiaand that left us a video for the posterity that has no waste.

And it is that that day not only was interposed between her mother and the cameras, also wiped a kiss on the forehead to Leonor that Sofia had given him seconds before. Don’t miss the full sequence in the video we share below.

But for many people it is fun, to Leonor it is not so much. The princess is sick and tired of it to be used in the war that kept his mother and his grandmother. Is tired of having to smile at the cameras while Letizia and Sofia vying for the affection of the young man in front of the media.

Without going more far, in the shared video can be seen as moves the arm of Sofia while they are inside the temple. Because Leonor it is not the doing the paripé. Doesn’t like to pretend that all is well to which their elders are pointing the both of you have gotten your affection.

The video that humiliates Sophia

That’s why you don’t like that situations as the one in the following document, which looks to Letizia pushing Eleanor to her grandmother while they take a photo Felipethe Queenthe princess, the princess and the grandmother.

A Sofia that poses proud of her granddaughters to the catch of the hand but in the detail you see that Leonor not had any desire. Don’t miss out.

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