The whim of a rich girl of the princess Leonor, which makes opening a shop in Madrid


March 15, 2020
(14:52 CET)

For a few days Spain you will live a new situation for many. If you are already being this weekend, starting on Monday will begin a confinement that will last for a minimum of 15 days.

A period in which only will be open establishments of products of first need, including tobacconists and hairdressers. Yes, beauty salons. The rest, closed.

Theatres, cinemas, shops of electronics, toys, or clothing stores, hardware stores, markets, restaurants, bars, nightclubs or shopping centers, among others, will go down the blind for at least the next two weeks. Coming hard days. About everything that will ruin any appliance essential, as an example of a mishap. Is what you have to live in the first world consumerist.

Confinement different

Though not all will be equally difficult in case you need something. In the Royal Housefor example, you won’t miss anything.

Taking into account that it has been organizing the screening in private on some premiere film for the small Leonor and Sofiaanything is possible in Zarzuela. Because in many shops you know that if you call the Head of State, there is no option to negative.

Letizia, Felipe, Leonor and Sofia. Photo: EFE

To the letter

Even if the matter of a mobile phone. The monarch has always been limited largely to the use of new technologies to their daughters, but has not been able to avoid that Leonor you ask to have your first smartphone. And the young man, who should see their peers-the latest models on the market, do not hesitate to ask for a model of high performance.

And although it would have been the time of closure of the establishments where they sold, none would have refused to keep the shutter half-down to that same night Leonor I could have one. The Royal House it is the first thing.