“They found dead”. Jordi Cruz, MasterChef and the kitchen received the fatal news


Jordi Cruz and Pepe Rodríguez

March 14, 2020
(18:51 CET)

The world of haute cuisine is in mourning. The best chefs in the world are dismayed by the news coming from the Uk. A information that has not gone unnoticed by the best chefs of our country as Jordi Cruz, David Muñoz or Ferran Adrià.

According to reports in Great Britainpassed away the French chef Michel Roux at the age of 79 yearsin your home Brayin Berkshire.

Michel Roux

Felt lost in the world of the kitchen

Michel Roux, is considered alongside his brother as the godfathers of modern cuisine of the Uk. In his belt he had three stars Michelin.

Roux he was suffering from a idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with which he fought for years, but he said enough. The family has been at his side helping him in his fight until the last moment, were the ones that “have found dead”.

Michel Roux, the star of the kitchen

Roux he won his first awards in We Gavrochthe local that opened in London in 1967, where it got two stars Michelin.

After that project opened the Waterside Inn, which became the first restaurant outside of France with three stars Michelin along 25 years.

Later he opened his first restaurant with his brother Albert. With him, he also founded the scholarship Roux Brothers in 1984. He also worked as a consultant of British Airways or Celebrity Cruisesamong other companies.