Tv Azteca: the controversial video that led to the judged Pepillo Origel and Flower Blonde


Pepillo Origel made strong statements against his former partner Flor Rubio, but that did not sing is that his words were being recorded. A video that not only destroyed the friendship between these drivers, but that led them to court.

Recently Pepillo Origel and Flor Rubio have been headlining the news more scandalous in the world of entertainment, after that Flower sue the driver for moral damage to the cause of this controversial video, in which puts in doubt their integrity as a person.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, Flor Rubio through one of the transmissions of the programme “Venga La Alegría” broke the silence and spoke about this legal battle against Pepillo Origel. One of the most controversial moments of the show business that very few know the background.

The controversial video that led to the judged Pepillo Origel and Flower Blonde

This video that has caused so much controversy in the world of entertainment, it was released in the year 2016 by the magazine TvNotas. A video clip in which it appears Pepillo Origel speaking of Flower Blond in a derogatory way.

In this way Pepillo assured that Flor Rubio had been related (lying down) with a variety of people to achieve the position that you currently have on the television network Tv Azteca. Reaffirming that his “face of an angel” had nothing to do with the person who actually is a journalist.

Flor Rubio talks about the legal battle against Pepillo Origel

Despite the fact that this terrible, terrible time happened about 4 years ago, the legal battle between Pepillo Origel and Flower Rubio still continues, or at least so said the driver through the programme “Venga La Alegría”, where he said that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) has not yet given its final verdict.

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Also the driver of Tv Azteca mentioned that it is important in this case is not to lose or to win, but to set a precedent in this case, since women must not stay silent in the face of this kind of abuse and violence.