Yanet Garcia: as Well celebrated their 13 million fans on Instagram What a delight!


That’s really amazing! Yanet Garcia the former “Girl of the weather”, again to pamper its faithful admirers of the social networks and what better than with a new picture showcasing its charms as the famous did not miss the chance to celebrate their 13 million followers on Instagram.

The former host of Televisa, is grateful for the support she has received from her fans after she left the program “Today”, because despite not being the “Girl with the” climate of the morning, has had constant followers in Instagram, so that Yanet Garcia wanted to acknowledge their love with a “delicious” picture.

Yanet Garcia enjoys displaying her spectacular figure in social networks, since due to their hot pictures and videos has become a celebrity in Instagram, so the knights they love to see the girl fitness pose with clothes very provocative.

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The former “Girl of the climate” is more happy than ever and as a sign of the love that has its faithful fans, she shared a sexy photo wearing a tight mini dress, while holding between their hands a rich dessert with the number of their 13 million followers.

Yanet García consent to their fans

Yanet Garcia in addition to sharing the “delicious” photo on Instagram, also dedicated some moving words in appreciation of their millions of fans who have followed the account of the former host of Televisa.

“Thank you for all your love and support. For all that I have been following…

…over the years has been an incredible journey. I am still working towards my dreams, I share my story and show them the process with my fitness, nutrition, career, family and lifestyle.” Commented Yanet Garcia.

The former host of Televisa was accompanied by her boyfriend and his pet “Mamacita”, even some members of the family of her beau were celebrating the 13 million followers that got Yanet Garcia on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram.