A crowd of people is gathered on the last day of Disney World before the close for the coronavirus


While in Spain, we have already passed a week-end of quarantine with everything closed (except supermarkets, pharmacies and few things more), in the united States are still seeing what to do with the crisis of the coronavirus. Every time are more the stay-at-home (and encouraged to do so), and there are certain companies that have chosen also to take drastic measures. As is the case of the Disney parks and the areas adjacent to the theme parks, which feature restaurants and shops.

Disney World

Disney World, located in Orlando (Florida) closed its doors at the end of the day Sunday, march 15, and it did so with high: with its spectacle of fireworks, Happily Ever After, and with all the characters saying goodbye to public from the train station, of Main Street, accompanied by the president of the park, Josh D ‘ Amaro. They all said “See you soon”.

Despite recommendations to avoid crowds (and stay home), the park was packed to the rafters fans that would not miss a historical moment, putting in danger the health of thousands of people. Abigail Disney, niece of Walt Disney, he could not avoid a “Do I get what you’re saying seriously?” overwhelmed to see crowds. Josh D ‘ Amaro, even down to soak up the masses and take pictures with employees and visitors.

Delays and cancellations

Disney started a few days ago to take action against the COVID-19, paralyzing the filming of series such as ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ or ‘Loki’, as movies such as the remake of ‘The little mermaid’, and announcing the closure of the Disney Store locations in the united States for the next few days. Also have been removed from the calendar of premieres until further notice films like ‘Mulan’ and ‘The New Mutants’.