Ana de Armas, dazzling on the cover of Vogue Spain


The cuban actress Ana de Armas is the new cover of the fashion magazine Vogue Spain and it is dazzling!

The artist, 31-year-old looks spectacular in the new issue of the magazine, wearing several models of the brand Givenchy which we feel a great.

For the cover, Anne wore a spectacular set of the above-mentioned French firm, green bottle, and two pieces, and the magazine says that “the world is yours”.

The other three models are, in a pink dress, another blue and a set of maxifalda black with slit up to the thigh and a blouse wine red long sleeves and neckline V.

In all images, Ana appears with a makeup very natural, her hair loose and wearing very discrete, that are in line with the return to minimalism in the fashion that the magazine wants to highlight.

Instagram / Ana de Armas

In addition to their regular looks simple and natural, Anna of Guns has become one of the stars most requested in Hollywood, so the new issue of Vogue Spain will be a success.

The magazine will be released in its physical format in terms of a return to the normalcy in the country, which is currently in a state of alarm as a containment measure against the pandemic coronavirus. Its digital format is already available.

“Creativity is always an escape valve. This number April 2020 may seem a portrait of a world that today seems distant, but it is also a reminder of what we are struggling to regain: confidence, light and beauty. I’d like to think that it is a window of optimism that will accompany us in these days of essential isolation and social distance,” says its director, Eugenia de la Torriente.

In the last week, Ana de Armas has grabbed headlines around the world and not just for his victories professionals, but by their newly uncovered love affair with the american actor Ben Affleck.

The couple was photographed in several places in Cuba and lavishing love on a beach in Costa Rica. The relationship between the two emerged on the set of the filming of the movie Deep Water, an erotic thriller that will debut at the end of the year.

In 2020, she has been the cover of the prestigious Vanity Fair magazine, and in the british magazine of fashion Porter.