Ariana Grande and the x-ray shock to the brain after the attack in Manchester


Today, almost two years away Ariana Grande decided to post on Instagram, the x-ray shock in his brain. It was the 22nd of may 2017 and Ariana Grande he had just closed his concert in Manchester when his life changed suddenly. At 22:31 local a a suicide bombing took place at the Manchester Arena caused the death of 23 people including the bomber, and about 250 were injured. It is considered the worst attack took place in the United Kingdom by the London attacks of 7 July 2005. The day after the Isis has claimed responsibility.

From that day on, the singer suffers from PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, and in the two compared images inserted in his Stories show a brain of a healthy boy compared to her. The pop star said to suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety. The image shows the different areas of the brain highlighted, as they were more sensitive, or “inflamed”. “It’s not a joke,” she wrote to accompany the photos. Despite this, Ariana Grande has decided not to stop and already started with a new tour.

Last update: 20:26