Attention! If you keep the eggs in the fridge, your health is in danger!



March 15, 2020
(11:34 CET)

The eggs they are an essential food in the daily diet of any human being. Regardless of the age, the properties of this will help to keep you healthy and strong, along with other necessary add-ons. But everything has a contraindication, we believed that these natural products could not be more harmless, what is disproven then.

Contrary to what you might think, the eggs are formed only by the hens. In the process do not involve the fertilization of the roosters. Once the animal has been developed, it is able to create each egg in a range of 24 or 26 hours.

These layers consume large proportions of wheat, rice and corn to make eggs more healthy. On the other hand, are treated like queens, as they are kept in an environment of complete calm in order not to diminish your concentration.


They are (Eggs) constituted by a huge amount of B vitamins, from B1 to B12. Also iron, protein, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, potassium, etc It is one of those products that can do it all. Although, recently, he discovered something disturbing.

The eggs may be a contradiction for the health

According to recent research, the eggs should be kept in a container separate from the rest of the meal. Must not be left in the space that bring the coolers are made for this. This is because they have too many pores, which are a means of transport between the substances of the exterior and interior of the same. The specialist in food safety, Gemma Cano, conducted a study and determined that: “The contamination that you pick up those droplets from condensation could get inside the shell”.

Another reason not to keep making the mistake of leaving the eggs there, is the following: “If we put an egg contaminated, cut out, and (without washing it) we put out another that is not contaminated, we may transfer by cross contamination bacteria from one to another.” It is advisable to follow expert advice, which if carried out to the letter, will provide favorable results for the health.