Belén Rueda met 55 years boasting of it’s size XL! in bikini


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March 16, 2020
(17:43 CET)

Belén Rueda meets today 55 years in this climate worsening in the global environment with the pandemic coronavirus giving us all face to face. The actress was in for a good time, something that could be noticed in your physique.

And as we saw a few months ago for a publication that you made in your social networks, it seems that they had done some retouching as aprecieron some of his fans for the size that reflected the actress in a bikini.

The physical state of Belén Rueda is spectacular in its 55 years, something that is not at the height of all the world.

More touch-ups

However, it seems that that would not be the only major retouching that had been done Belén Rueda in recent times. One of the most notable is the botox that is used in your face to keep you with fewer wrinkles on your face.

In fact, it seems that his in front already does not have a single wrinkle dynamics, something that tends to be common at a age.

belén rueda

The cheekbones would be another of the big changes of a Belén Rueda, which has always known how to carry your age with the passing of the years. In this case it would have been thanks to what is called the filling of nasolabial fold, which reduces thanks to the famous hyaluronic acid in said groove in the cheekbones.