Chiquis Rivera will launch song with two great singers of regional mexican


Janney “Chiquis” Marín Rivera follow the steps of his missing mom Jenni Rivera and her uncle Lupillo Rivera. Chiquis has been shown to possess a great voice to be able to interpret various genre of music, but regional mexican is one of its strengths. So, in a few days, the singer and businesswoman will be releasing a new song, but next to two great exponents of the band.

In your account of instagram, Chiquis Rivera shared a small snippet of the new music video that will premiere on the 27th of march, where the wife of Lorenzo Méndez, appears next to the singers Ely Quintero and Helen Ochoa. The new theme will be by name “The Destrampadas” and by what you see in the pictures could be a song move that is sure to be the rhythm of the band, the genre that dominate the three singers.

Ely Quintero is a singer sinaloan recognized for their successful songs such as “Souls of fire, “With my breasts” and “The cheyenne without license plates”; while Helen Ochoa has excelled in the music for their songs like “my fall in love,” “Now I’m him” and “Careless”.

Chiquis Rivera’s experience with the music

For its part, the daughter of Jenni Rivera has been experiencing in terms of music, because not only has he released music for the regional mexican as the vernacular music and the band, but also a few weeks ago premiered a simple cumbia to the side of the singer Amandititita, called”ticket out.”

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And is that Chiquis Rivera is very excited to feature in the music, as did his mother, and his uncle, Lupillo Rivera. Your beauty and talent you have helped to leave by placing a little at the taste of the public. Now they share a song-by-side of Ely Quintero and Helen Ochoa is likely to increase even more his popularity among the public.