“Come morning mima, Jackal cares for me”


The comedian cuban Limay Blanco knows very well how to take advantage of the time with friends and enjoy the havana night and more when it comes to a company as delightful as is the singer urban cuban Ramon Wash, or simply Jackal.

It turns out that the comedian, and performer of The Culipandea it is found in Havana and decided to go party together at a nightclub in the capital, but not before, Muñu Muñi leave him a message to his wife Glenda Medina through social networks

Limay Blanco shared a fun video in your account of Instagram which he told his partner that he was going to party with Jackal. “Glenda, I’m going to turn back later today with a partner invited me to go out with him,” began the artist.

Then, displaying his great sense of humor, Muñi Muñi added between laughs: “I Come tomorrow mima, Jackal cares for me”.

In addition to his words, the comedian also added a text to the publication of the audiovisual material, which has booting loud at more of a follower. “Today late return that they invited me to a bar. I’m going to carry my love”, he wrote.

Many have been users of Instagram who have joined the cute moment of the artists and have left comments on the post followed by the rhyme at Limay Blanco.

“Portate bien Limay”, “Ah let you get home and Glenda you take”, “Go pair loose, be careful”, “Big the two. Limay, Glenda must have bad fleas, don’t look for millet” or “Enjoy a lot and do not do bad things”, have been a number of reactions that can be read.

Do you think Limay Blanco and Jackal are well behaved?