Coronavirus: 10 movies about epidemics that you can see during the quarantine


The Coronavirus officially it has been classified as a pandemic, and Mexico, like other countries have their population in quarantine without the possibility of leaving the house, therefore, we recommend 10 movies with frames that mimic real life.

Coronavirus: 10 movies about epidemics that you can see during the quarantine

10 movies about epidemics must watch

For years, the fear of these pandemics has inspired Hollywood and the film industry to create films that carry on to the big screen this fear in addition to exploring how the world would be in the case of the scourge of a disease, strange and unknown.

If you’re working from home or with classes canceled due to the prevention measures against the coronavirus, you can explore the world at the mercy of a pandemic with these 10 movies about deadly epidemics.

She survives the pandemic coronavirus with these recommendations:


“When Beth Emhoff returns to Minnesota from a business trip to Hong Kong, she attributed his discomfort to the change of schedule[…] Soon, other people begin to show the same symptoms and there is a global pandemic”.


“A scientist and his team struggle to save the inhabitants of a small village attacked by a deadly virus african”.


“A great chaos is experienced when a virus by air and lethal infects the population of a city in South Korea that is less than 20 kilometers from Seoul”.

Children of Man

“For decades, has not born any baby on Earth and the world, except England, now a totalitarian State, is in chaos. A man fights to save a young girl pregnant while immersed in the conflict between Government and rebels”.

World War Z

“When a pandemic of zombies threatens to destroy humanity, a exinvestigador of the United Nations is required to return to the service to attempt to discover the source of the infection”.

Twelve Monkeys

“A convict from the future is sent at the beginning of the TWENTY-first century to investigate the source of a plague that he will take the tenth of mankind”.


“A small group of survivors tries to escape from human assassins who have been infected with a powerful variant of the rabies virus […] escape is almost impossible.”

I Am Legend

“Robert Neville, the sole survivor of a plague created by man, who transforms humans into mutants hungry for blood […] works to find a cure for the plague using his own blood immune”.

The Plague

“When there is a plague in a city of South america, the government puts all of the residents in quarantine.”


“When an epidemic of a disease known as the “white disease” appears in her city, the wife of a doctor is one of the few people who is not blind […] after leaving the asylum to lead a small group of rebels fighting for freedom”.

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