Cuba authorizes the entry of the british cruiser with infectious coronavirus aboard


Finally the cuban Government has agreed to receive the british cruiser MS Braemar, which is located in at anchor in the waters nearby, and with five confirmed cases of coronavirusafter the vessel refused to dock in Barbados on Thursday and the Bahamas on Friday.

“Given the urgency of the situation and the risk to the life of the sick people, the government of Cuba has decided to allow the berthing of this vessel, and shall take sanitary measures established to receive all citizens on board, under the protocols established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba,” indicates the release issued by Minrex this Monday.

The note adds that, together with the british authorities, it has been organized that once the cruisers arrive to national territory, it is appropriate to the safe return and immediate to the Uk on charter flights by airlines of that country.

“These are times of solidarity, of understanding health as a human right, to strengthen international cooperation to address our common challenges, values that are inherent to the humane practice of the Revolution and of our people,” the statement concluded.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office and Commonwealth office, for its part, stated that they are “working 24 hours to arrange flights of escape from Cuba to the Uk as soon as possible for the passengers of the cruise ship Braemar”.

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He added that the evacuation is coordinating with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, and we recommend that all passengers follow their instructions.

(Source: Twitter/Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines)

At around 9 the morning of Saturday, Braemar threw the anchor is approximately 25 miles southwest of Freeport, in The Bahamas, and the boat remains since then in that place.

In the cruise travel 682 passengers, the company confirmed that 22 cruisers and 21 crew members are isolated, and that there are at least five confirmed cases of coronavirus on board.