Daniel Radcliffe explains why the end of ‘Harry Potter’ compounded his problems with alcohol


Daniel Radcliffe is known for his performance as ‘Harry Potter’ for a decade. The actor has been open now about how it was emotionally for him to finish this saga. Has been, during an interview on the british radio BBC Radio 4 when has had his problems with alcohol.

Radcliffe felt a lot of fear how much more he neared the end of the saga fantastic: “I think that much of the consumption of a beverage that occurred when it came to the end of Potter and a little after the end, it was panic and lack of knowledge of what to do after, and not being comfortable enough with who he was if he was sober.

Daniel Radcliffe

The actor wondered if he had abused alcohol if he had not been a child actor: “I was always fascinated and frustrated with the question,” is this something that I would have gone anyway, or has something to do with Potter? I will never know. I come from a family of generations ago. Definitely not from my mother or my father, I should add”, he explained.

Radcliffe was eleven years old when his fame grew suddenly with the films of the novels magic of J. K. Rowling. In this same interview the actor was grateful for the support of their parents: “They gave Me enough perspective in my life and helped me in key moments”. Daniel Radcliffe is in the Uk promoting his film ‘Vanishing of Pretoria’.

Growing up under the spotlight

Daniel Radcliffe empathizes in this interview with the actors and the actresses, as he started very young his career, but have decided to resort to the abuse of alcohol and other substances. “A serious problem for many people is that they are in this situation you begin to do something when they are ten years old. They are committed to doing so for many years, and they stop to enjoy it. There comes a point in which they are the providers of their family, many people rely on that to continue with this work and feel pressured”, Radcliffe said, according to reports BBC.

“If you don’t enjoy it say “okay, enjoy other things that gives me life, even if I hate the work”. So I think this is the reason that people about to drug. You can also view people that do drugs and drink because it is fun and have it available, seems like a good idea. No one around you speaks to you of the consequences, or is sincere on the issue”says the actor.