Danna Paola: it was the scene you liked the most Elite


The series of Netflix Elite has come to an end, and with it we have had to lay off of the characters, not without that share which is their favourite of that series. Through a video in YouTube Danna Paola and the cast of Elite talked about their favorite scenes, and the mexican actress was one of the most hot.

Danna Paola said that her favorite scene was one that he recorded with Jorge Lopez, who re-enacted Valerio, and in that image the two share a kiss, and also open their hearts, but finally “Lucrecia“character Danna Paolait slows down the sexual tension between the two.

The most curious thing is that exactly this scene was also the favorite of George Lopez, so that followers have begun to think that the more that action, the romantic tension in that scene was real.

Does Danna Paola and Jose Lopez are a couple?

Although there is nothing confirmed, many rumors say that Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez maintained maintained a romantic relationship in real life, at first I saw them all the time together, dancing sensually and sharing some kisses, but never have confessed the existence of a relationship.

Yes, you can see they are great friends, as that between them have nicknames affectionate reunion while meeting for the promotion of the third season Elite was full of love with hugs giant.

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Elite 3 marks the end of this series that has shocked the entire world, and you gave it to Danna Paola a chance to get known at the international level, because it now has over 17 million followers on Instagram, who are aware of their projects.