Devastating. And it is for the mom of Belén Esteban. You just know this


belén esteban

March 16, 2020
(14:46 CET)

Belén Esteban will not Save me in the next few days, at least until you dismiss the alarm by coronavirus. The collaborator has already made clear the concern for her husband, who works for ambulance driver. She has taken the decision to no longer recruit in their home because it is a person vulnerable to coronavirus due to suffer from diabetes. However, she is more worried about her mother, who is also a person of risk to be of advanced age.

belén esteban telephone connection“Without exit. There is that look around the world, I am risking so much by my illness as my husband who works in the health sector and nothing, stuck at home”he explained Belén Esteban in a call of Socialite.

As to the work of her husband has ensured that: “Miguel in his work has all the equipment, the suit for any event that they may have. He comes home and is all well, take great care”.

In regard to the situation of his mother, has revealed: “My mother already know as it is active. As my brother John and my sister-in-law live there… you are not leaving my house, we’re talking on the phone a lot, does not make us case, but it is carrying very well”confesses. “I am very well, I don’t have symptoms of anything, thanks to God. I want to give a message of the healing of this country, must heed what they tell us. I’m reading a lot, watching series, arranging closets and if I took it all with peace”, has sentenced Bethlehem to finish.