Ester Expósito presumed red-hot cover of famous mexican magazine


Esther Expósito presumed red-hot cover of famous mexican magazine
Ester Expósito presumed red-hot cover of the famous Mexican magazine

If well, Danna Paola it is in Mexico, the actress most recognized of the series of Netflix, Elite, Ester Expósito it has also managed to win the hearts of the Mexican public, which is why Seventeen magazine has decided to make it their front cover for the month of April, and so assumed the “Jerk” in her account of Instagram through their stories.

In this journal, Ester Expósito spoke about the details of her character and of her personal life, even talked about how she began her acting career at the age of 13, when I did tickets small in Spanish series consolidated, then did theatre, and eventually went to study acting.

Ester Expósito appears in the image with a dress pink sheath and that causes the men to stay with the eye square as it has a look of desire that falls in love with their fans, so your participation in this magazine has been a success.

Ester Expósito miss him Elite

As we all know, Elite has come to an end, and with it, Ester Expósito has had to lay off of the character of Carla, which has left some great teachings to the Spanish actress, who has ensured that this series has changed her life.

“the richest that I have is the acting experience that has given me after you play a character for so long…

which has allowed me to acquire many tools to really know the characters and get to the most intimate part of him,” he said Ester Expósito.

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Ester has all that is required to be a big star and is that the famous have the talent, the charisma, the love of the art, and especially the sensuality being the perfect combination to be a big star at the international level.