Exatlón TV Azteca: They are the 4 finalists that’s really Amazing!


They have finally released, after several months of hard skills, the four finalists of “Exatlón TV Azteca”; each member of the team of celebrities and contestants, and gave their greatest effort in the semi-final.

In the previous program of the semi-final, the team members who resisted the circuits extreme, they faced an unexpected battle towards the end of “Exatlón TV Azteca”but some of the participants were eliminated.

The participants of teams of Celebrities and Contestants, and gave their greatest effort in each loop to end, because as we remember in the previous program, got to meet the two finalists of “Exatlón TV Azteca”.

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Remember that Mati Alvarez and Heliud were the first contestants to be finalists for the grand finale of “Exatlón TV Azteca”, they managed to resistance in the hard battles of each circuit end.

The finalists of “Exatlón TV Azteca”

While some are dismissed from the competition, other members had to face in the circuits of the semi-final of the program of the weekend, in order to achieve occupy the two places in the final of “Exatlón TV Azteca”.

The third runner-up achieved his pass to the grand final of the reality show of TV Azteca, was the participant Casandra Ascencio of the blue team, while the runner up team Famous was Heber Gallegos.

Fans of “Exatlón TV Azteca” have expressed their support for the last finalist of the final of the reality show, as the team that demonstrated resistance in each circuit were the ones who formed the red team of Famous.

In “Exatlón TV Azteca”, only one of the four finalists will become the winner of the third season of extreme sports; the final duel will be 16 this march from 19:30 hours.

Photo: Instagram.