Famous singers of K-Pop who left their groups


The K-Pop it is a genre of music from South koreaalthough it has grown with the passage of decades, or many musical groups have called for a new term for their songs, a sad reality they are the idols that were not able to continue with this way, and here we tell you some of these famous:

Idols Super Junior

Kangin, Hangeng, Henry and Kibum group Super Junior had their own personal reasons to abandon the famous boyband, even the fandom knows how hard it can be the path to fame and I won’t be able to devote yourself to what you love; Kibum wanted to be an actor, so after the comeback in 2009, he left the K-Pop.

But in social networks continues to circulate information on Henry and Hangeng having suffered discrimination to be idols of China, even to close the opportunity to demonstrate their talent in SM Entertainment and Kangin was the one that ravages suffered, this for allegedly being “forced” to leave Super Junior to be involved in an automobile accident.

Wonho of Monsta X

In full 2020 proved the innocence of Wonho about being involved in a consumption of harmful substances, but spent a lot of time since his controversial, as the idol had already left the group in order not to harm his fellow Monsta X and even Starship Entertainment assured the fandom that will take care of him in the future.

Idols from Girls Generation

The girlband is now a world-famous, by the company SM Entertainment has not yet put out any comeback of Girls Generation in a long time, so that Tiffany, Jessica, Soonyong and Seohyun, they decided to leave the group in search of better opportunities.

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These were some of the idols of K-Pop to more of a stir they caused to their fans, many still form part of your favorites, remaining in the memory of music videos and albums with their respective groups, but we must not forget that this industry is one of the hardest and most competitive of South Korea.

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