“Harry Potter” and “The Commissioner Montalbano – Liveunict


The Coronavirus keeps you forced to stay home? The quarantine forced takes you almost on the verge of madness and boredom of you seems unbearable? No fear! The TV runs from this Monday night is full of movies, between the great classics and latest movies. It is not to do nothing else, prepare snacks and enjoy a little idleness without remorse.

The Commissioner Montalbano – The-protection-network (Rai 1, 21.25 PM): Montalbano receives a visit from an engineer Sabatello, that the door is rotated a few filmini, over decades by the now deceased father, the show is always the same: the image of a wall. The Commissioner suspects that behind these movies, the remote is hidden-each other tones, tragic and bleak. In the meantime, in the school of the son Augello, two people with clear face break-in at the Institute, shoot the terrorist between the teacher and the young people and throwing their menacing, dark proclaimed. A new mystery, where you have to light… and justice.

The Intern unexpected channel Five, 21.20)Jules East, founder of a website on fashion in a programme for awareness-raising is aimed at senior of the company. You as an Intern is assigned, and the seventy years of widower Ben Whittaker. What begins as a battle between the old world of the economy and the new turns soon into something else, so that is Good from the Intern a mentor for Jules is.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone (Italy, 21.20): As a function of the Muggle uncle when he was still in diapers, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), still do not know all of them have magical powers, as long as you do not called, is at the Hogwarts school of wizardry. Between the teaching hours of flight on a broomstick, a levitation, Harry friendship learns with two of his colleagues, and be part of the team of Quidditch in the conversation, as the father of a boy. If everything seems to be going well, the three children discover that someone is likely to be kept very bad Voldemort is trying to steal the legendary philosopher’s stone, has been in the school, the more the power, the killer of his owner. So the adventure, monsters, keys, and flying boards giant begins…

The Hunger Games (Italy, Two, 21.20)Every year, as punishment for the attempted uprising of the population, the President (Donald Sutherland) and the government of Panem, a country, post-apocalyptic, divided into twelve districts, and was built on the territory of North America, sorteggiano plays a boy and a girl from each of the districts for the participation in the Hunger Games, a reality show by a series of physical and struggles with the death of the only a winner, ends with the triumph. Among the competitors of the last edition, from the same district, the 16-year-old Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), offertasi of volunteers, in order to save the life of the sister and trained to fight, the Imagine from the ex-winner and alcoholic Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), and the young man (Josh Hutcherson), always in love with the girl.