How Ninel Conde has coronavirus? Presents some symptoms


Through their stories Instagram, Ninel Conde he told his fans that has been a joy over the past few days, which has made it have a lot of coughing, but the famous ruled out the possibility that it is Coronavirus.

Ninel Conde he said that, while he has presented symptoms such as Cough, your allergy has presented a lot of “moquito”, which has made the famous ruling out the possibility of having Coronavirus.

“Yes I have tantita cough, but it is watery and with a lot of moquito… but they say that this (coronavirus) does not have mucus,” says Ninel Conde.

Yes, Ninel Conde has been responsible in your use of face cloths, however, has also been the victim of criticism from people who are labeled as Irresponsible.

Ask Ninel Conde cancel events

Ninel Conde has several concerts scheduled in the next few days, but the singer has ignored the recommendations by the government, And instead of canceling their massive events still stand.

“Q irresponsible ninel really think q this is globally not if it is q in your country not to come to that virus but give the care to that desired by the well yours for your team and your audience darling” he commented

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Great artists such as Carlos Rivera, Ricky Martin and Alejandro Sanz have canceled concerts due to the Coronavirus but Ninel Conde has decided for the moment not cancel and so it has taken a lot of criticism on the part of internet users, who require you to postpone your event because you seem very responsible on your part to go out to sing having a health emergency that ails the planet.