“I can not understand how to send doctors to other countries and do not secure their own country”


The popular marriage of artists Claudia Valdes and Alexis Valdés staged a live video in the social networks in which they talked about the record current situation that lives at the global level: the COVID – 19.

The talented actors made an appeal to the social consciousness and to maintain a posture of “solidarity and less selfish”, since we are in a situation “complicated” due to a “disease that has made strong”. They invited the people that were “organized and disciplined” and to make a better case to signs of health are warning the governments of each country to stay home and to not have contact with other people.

“The best thing is that the whole world is as isolated as possible because it is still spreading the virus,” he said.

In addition, Valdés showed his great concern for how it is affecting the virus in Cuba due to its rapid spread, especially by the lack of information and precautions that are taking the cuban authorities to slow down and avoid a higher number of hiv infections among citizens.

“Look at Cuba, no measure has been taken,” said Alexis, while Claudia supported her idea with a smart reflection that in which reference was made to the permissions of the government of the Island to enter people from other countries, as is the case of the british cruiser with five cases of coronavirus that they are willing to accept, being the agglomeration one of the major causes of contagion.

“I was talking about that in my networks. I can not understand as they are prompting and encouraging people to come to the Island when they have to do is close it,” said the actress.

Then Claudia spoke of cases infected with coronavirus that already has Cuba and emphasized exports of physicians that is made by the government, when in the Island is now where it needs the attention of health professionals: “I can’t understand how to send doctors to other countries and do not secure their own country”.

Alexis, for his part, also made reference to the alleged control of the pandemic is doing to believe the cuban authorities to their citizens, and compared it with first world countries such as Spain has declared the state of Alarm the national and has taken stringent measures such as the confinement.

“Is not controlled in Cuba or in any part, it is impossible to”, “How are they going to say that in Cuba is controlled? That is absurd,” he exclaimed.

The actor also emphasized on the lack of responsibility and discipline that are the majority of latinos and, in particular, the cubans, so they invited everyone to who could listen to doctors and other professionals.

“Do you know what is happening to us latinos? That we don’t have a lot of discipline, unfortunately. We have creativity, we have intelligence, we have everything, but what we are lacking is discipline. That is why the europeans, asians, we always wins the race in social and economic development. Latinos are very undisciplined, and the cubans, a lot. We believe that we know all and we do not make the case,” he said.

Finally, Alexis wanted to make a public appeal to the authorities of Cuba to close the borders and “forget tourism”, since we are dealing with a health problem that must be dealt with urgently.

“I from here, and I call upon all of you that do, I ask the authorities of Cuba, that closed. I ask the authorities of Cuba for the friends, family, for all the people that we have there that we want, close the border, that they forget about right now tourism”, “is Not a time to think about money, it is a time to think about health,” he concluded.