“It is the result of 10 years of friendship”


In the expectation to see you in action Black Widowfilm premiere of Phase 4 of the MCU is expected in Italian cinemas at the end of april, Scarlett Johansson showed some of the milestones his experiences in the saga of Marvel Studios in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Appeared for the first time in the role as Black widow in Iron Man 2, has spoken to the actress relationship with colleague and friend Chris Evans and as you have your knowledge have a positive impact on the interactions between the characters: “When you see that the dialog in the machine between Nat and Steve while The Winter Soldier is the result of 10 years, and that intimacy can be reached simply by getting to know a lot of time with someone, of which, also all the weaknesses.”

Remember, instead of shooting Captain America: Civil Warand, in particular, the scene of the airport turned under about 34 degrees to life, the conflict between the two factions of the Avengers, the Johansson added: “I remember, both sides, they ran one against the other, charging with great speed, and it was clear that the universe would be forever changed after the fight.”

In reference to his last appearance in the MCU (at least in the main role), finally, the actress explained that “it is played, as you can see, the boxers-professionals, the a second attempt, and all the tension that has accumulated in a positive sense.”

The film by Cate Shortland, we think, if everything can start as planned in Italy, the next 29.. While titles such as Mulan and the New Mutants were returned, also overseas, in fact, the publication of the ” Black Widow to be the date has not yet been moved.

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