It very short skirt! Jennifer Lopez turns and sees him! “Oh, there below don’t wear anything!”


March 15, 2020
(10:51 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it is known for doing many activities in the artistic world. Not only is one of the singers most influential of the music pop and R&B, but an actress, designer and entrepreneur. Any way, he has been seen shining in the scenarios, making the tears in their fans. As well as give you characters to life on television as a sexy police officer, or in the cinema, as a maid introverted. No matter what, impresses. Would you be able to cause more astonishment?

Everyone knows that JLo has a hot body, is 50 years old and do not stop going to the gym for anything in the world. In addition, you follow a ideal diet and work practically forces you to stay in shape. With 30 years lucia’s phenomenal, but now he’s giving it all, in many ways. Is a woman who has built an empire and it shows in every opportunity that there are no limits.

This puerto rican appeared in a publication that caused a furore. Not by the effects of crystal around her, but because she wears a dress asymmetric, of another world, that has a skirt with an opening huge in the back. It was possible to verify that Jennifer did not use anything underneath, exposing his entire rear guard. Seems to be made with all the purpose of being seen, the worst that can happen is to be the inspiration of many.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez radiate love

A few days ago, it was their special date. So, Alex could not stop showing your love on the social networks. He published a collection of their best moments together, so much romantic as they are fun. He said the following words: “Every moment with you is a blessing. You are my best friend, my inspiration, a mother is amazing and a role model for all.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in an eternal idylltheir relationship could not be better Or can it?