Jim Carrey could join the Marvel Universe What Is the new villain in the MCU?


Jim Carrey could be interpreted back to a villain, on this occasion, the the world of superheroes when they are incorporated as a new antagonist in the Universe Marvelbut on the small screen.

Jim Carrey could join the Marvel Universe What Is the new villain in the MCU?

Jim Carrey in the look of Marvel

According to the site, We Got This Covered, Jim Carrey he would give life to MODOK or M. O. D. O. Koriginally one of the villains of Captain America in the Marvel comics that would be transported to the live action with Disney Plus.

According to the predictions of the site, Jim Carrey to give his voice for the Agency’s Mental-Mobile-Machining-Designed Only for Killing or MODOK, for its acronym in English.

In reports past the same site, MODOK would be one of the villains in the new series of Marvel, She – Hulk, produced especially for the streaming platform, Disney Plus.

Jim Carrey Does In She-Hulk?

If confirmed the rumors, Jim Carrey will join Mark Ruffalo for the adaptation to live action She – Hulk but both actors will have stakes sporadic in the series.

With regard to the protagonist of the new series of Marvel, it has not been confirmed who would give life to Jennifer Walters – cousin of Bruce Banner/Hulk -but Alison Brie is the stronger option.

Recordings of She-Hulk from Marvel will be at the end of the 2020, and both Alison Brie and Jim Carrey has the agenda-free so that they could be integrated into the production without difficulties.

Jim Carrey has not confirmed his possible involvement in She Hulk, but the productions of Marvel are not so different to your projects as usual so that is a strong probability.

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