Kiko Hernández scared. It involved the police! Last time


Kiko Hernández contestants survivors

March 16, 2020
(12:49 CET)

The news about the spread of the coronavirus are not good. In Spain the cases of infection, with more than 8,000, and deaths are also rising. Europe is currently the focus of this pandemic. Throughout the European Union there are more infections and deaths than those that occurred in China. For this reason, have taken restrictive measures. However if this does not improve in next 15 days on which it has declared the state of alarm, it could take more severe measures and to extend the quarantine, as has been revealed But this same Monday. You could ban out to the street in any circumstances, not even to go to buy at the grocery store until now.

In fact that is where there are most problems. Since it was rumored the possibility of passing a quarantine, when there was nothing confirmed, the grocery stores, especially the chain Mercadona, had to face an avalanche of people on a daily basis and at all hours. Customers arrambaban with what they could and ended up with the stocks of all the products. It ensures the supply, but if it continues at this level it is likely that you do not.

In many videos disseminated through the social networks, you can see people fighting with each other even by a roll of toilet paper. In some cases the police have had to intervene due to situations very shameful. It is what has happened in Vallecasin the neighborhood of Cristina Pedroche. Prior to the opening of a supermarket had already hundreds of people gathered at its doors. Some of the nerve began to give blows to the moon until it broke.

Several police cars came to the scene to restrain the customers and ensure order both inside and outside the establishment. Some supermarkets limit the capacity of people, while others just let themselves be a product of each person and have hired security personnel. Kiko Hernandez has two daughters of three years and is very concerned.