Laura Zapata conquest Tik Tok through the challenge, “Damn Cat Challenge”


The actress Laura Zapata managed to surprise their fans after performing one of the challenges viral more fun on the platform Tik Tok: “Damn Cat Challege”, which was more than perfect to the actress and is sure to become one of his phrases most emblematic.

“Damn cat, stop following me” is the phrase that Laura Zapata pronounced in this fun video Tik Tok, which has become one of the favorites of the fans of the actress, who recently has spearheaded some of the stories more outrageous the nonsense.

It is worth mentioning that Laura Zapata is not the only famous who has joined this platform so popular in the present time, we have also seen that artists like Erika Buenfil, Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Andrea Escalona, have excelled in the challenges of Tik Tok.

Laura Zapata conquest Tik Tok

This way we can ensure that Laura Zapata belongs on the list of celebrities who have managed to conquer the social networks, including Tik Tok and Instagram, where it is above 100,000 thousand followers, who are constantly aware of the activities of the actress.

Let us remember that Laura Zapata is a well-known mexican actress who has been outstanding in their roles of villain inside of the soap operas, so this challenge has been like a ring on a finger with respect to its artistic profile.

Laura Zapata is a mockery of AMLO

Recently Laura Zapata starred in one of the news more scandalous the celebrity to ask people infected with Covid-19 embrace to the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, after this I mentioned in one of his speeches that the people in Mexico could embrace without fear.

You may be interested Laura Zapata alert their fans to the Coronavirus

A fact that caused a lot of controversy around the country, as just this week the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus (Covid-19) as a worldwide pandemic. And one of the measures of prevention basic, it is precisely to avoid physical contact.