Letizia and Felipe VI will not sleep together (and it is not for quarantine). Attention to this


March 15, 2020
(11:12 CET)

“The results of the test of detention of COVID-19 made to Their Majesties the Kings have given negative. Following the recommendations of the health authorities, the Queen will remain without activities and do regular checks of the temperature required in these situations.”

With this release the Royal House was announced that the Queen Letiziaa priori, it was out of danger. By the time the ex Spanish Television is not affected by the coronavirus. Let it be known.

Jump alarms

The concern arose when last week Letizia he was with Irene Monterothat it has given a positive covid-19, with which the monarch shared kisses and hugs.

irene Montero and Letizia

As stated in the release, precautions to follow these days, in which the Queen take the temperature periodically, to the expectation of any indication resulting in the worst.

But that is not the only measure that has been taken in Zarzuela with the matter. Come from the environment of the Royal House that Letizia and Felipe VI sleep these separate days, as Letizia must be quarantined and to avoid contacts with the other members of the family.

It is not new

However, explain to Daily Goal that sleeping apart is not new. Already there have been nights that have passed separate, despite sharing the same roof. Apparently, in some occasion, they would have stopped sharing marriage bed because of snoring King Felipe VIthat sometimes don’t rest to the queen Letizia what you need to.