Look at the photo. “You are the shame of Spain!”


March 16, 2020
(09:30 CET)

Gema Lopez has angered all of his followers. Since a few weeks, all have applauded the new role of the journalist as a presenter. It was the only that was left to get to the front of the space and has enchanted both the audience as the makers of the program, who have made the decision to keep it all first thing on Monday. The tertuliana is very happy for this ascent.

However, it has received a lime and the other sand. Lately Gema Lopez is very involved in the social networks. Like all celebrities they have seen the positive part. You’re not only in touch with your followers and infomado all, but you can also make profitability.

gema lopez takes royal jelly

Celebrities have millions of followers and charge for it. Or, rather, for the promotion of products. The trademark knock on the door of Gema López and it opens delighted. The journalist is done with a lot of extra money, without counting his salary in Save me. Increasingly, there are more firms that want Lopez to sponsor their products.

The latter has been a brand of Royal Jelly. “Now more than ever it is necessary to raise defenses. In my pharmacy I have recommended the Royal Jelly of Arko. In my case I have chosen the ginseng, but there are many more. I am very natural product and this I have been told that it is 100% natural and that we will come great to my daughter and to me. I have started taking it today, I will be counting!!! . Have to protect yourself! #stopvirus #arkopharma #jaleareal #responsibility #quedateencasa #todosunidos”, is what he has shared, the collaborator next to this image is highly criticised.

The collaborator appears drinking a glass of royal jelly in their house. What is not liked is that you take advantage of the harsh situation that happens in the country because of the spread of coronavirus to promote a product that doesn’t serve or even to fight it. Has only tried to get more out of the situation. He has received numerous criticisms. “You are the shame of Spain” or “as you have coronavirus is not going to save the royal jelly”to , among other.