Mexican actress shares her quarantine by COVID-19 (VIDEO)


Jessica Coch not long on the heels of the memes generated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico, a country where he resides telenovela actress, as he wanted to advise more than 738 thousand followers in Instagram on an alternative way to spend the days of quarantine for this disease.

The mexican actress played a little with the sense of humor of their daily activities, such as exercising to maintain her statuesque figure, other hobbies or pastimes like reading, watching new series of Netflix (showing on the screen the third season of Elite with Danna Paola) and the consequences of not taking care of your diet.

“Doing a little bit of fun to something that we have to make all! . We are aware of. Don’t worry, don’t stress,don’t panic and THINK of THE OTHER”, was the message of Jessica Coch for its followers of Instagram.

Jessica Coch vs Coronavirus

“Hahahaha…you win no matter how we finish”

“Exactly there is to be aware of as then we’ll see what happens”

The famous actress of mexican soap operas is aware of the situation that lives the world, as the COVID-19 was considered a pandemic, according to information from the World Health Organization, but taking the necessary measures to prevent and avoid a major contagion, you can put the “grain of sand” to combat this disease.

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Jessica Coch is remembered for his role as the antagonist in the telenovelas, but also in “My Husband Got a Family”, where she played Marisol Corsica Gomez, a character who has marked a period more dedicated to the world of theatre, in different works such as “Divine”.