Nicki Minaj honors the victims of the bombing of Manchester during a live


Monday evening (18 march) the Nicki Wrld Tour of Nicki Minaj is the past from the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom. The singer took time during the concert to honor those who have lost their lives there, during the terrorist attack of 2017.

“Bring your lights in heaven to all those we have lost,” said the rapper to the crowd, as evidenced by a video of a fan in the audience. “God bless the families of all those who are survivors and God bless Manchester, to be resilient and not bow to fear. For being so strong”.


His speech was greeted by a roar and a sea of lights of the cell in commemoration of the victims. The tragedy of the may 22, 2017 has led to the deaths of 22 people. More than 800 people were injured, including a large number of children. All in a suicide bombing outside a concert of Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena.

Watch here the tribute of Nicki Minaj