Nicki Minaj is believed to play Catwoman in The new Batman Matt Reeves


While still waiting on the official news a The Batman, the new film written and directed by Matt Reevesstar Nicki Minaj he joked on the fact that it is perfect for the chatted the role of Catwoman.

According to many rumors, in fact, Selina Kyle will be one of the many characters of Gotham that Reeves has included in the screenplay of his film, as we know, the first chapter of a new trilogy of Batman. And challenged in a conversation on social via Twitter, the rapper and model trinidadiana a naturalized citizen of the united states is ready for the part.

You can see the post at the bottom of the article.

To date, the rumors and more insistent focus on Vanessa Kirby as the new Catwoman, with Geeks WorldWide sure of the fact that the actress Mission: Impossible – Fallout at the moment the first choice of the director. The news as we have explained is to take it with pliers, though in the past the site is distinguished for a number of important scoop, including their negotiations for The Batman (it was the first site to mention Nicholas Hoult among the pretenders to the role of Bruce Wayne).

Anyway, the film is officially in pre-production, with the actual production which is expected to begin between late 2019 and early 2020: expect, therefore, of the new officers in the coming months.

Please note that other items more or less recent, to speak of the presence of some villain like the Penguin, the Riddler and Two-face, with the story that will be inspired by The Long Halloween.