Patrick Stewart reveals that she was married formally in a mexican restaurant


In 2013 Patrick Stewart married singer Sunny Ozell. Was your great friend (and enemy on the screen) Ian McKellen, who they married, but what it has revealed the actor years after the event is that officially they were married in a mexican restaurant.

Stewart came as a guest to the program of Jimmy Kimmel and revealed a fact that few people knew: officially married in a mexican restaurant. The actor and his wife, Ozell celebrated two weddings separated: one in Reno (Nevada), city in which was born Ozell and another in Los Angeles, where they live both. Stewart said in the program that the ceremony of The Angels was totally impromptu and with few guests.

“We realized that (McKellen) could not get married in Nevada, which is where we were going to be married, so we invite Ian, two of our guests, and a director (theatre) at a mexican restaurant for dinner”, said Stewart. They were closing when we got there. It was quite late (…) Our guests had no idea what was going on. And in fact, we were married formally at that mexican restaurantrevealed.

A friendship well forged

The fact that Ian McKellen to marry Patrick Stewart is just one event most of the long friendship they kept from 20 years ago. Agreed on the screen in the year 2000 to play Magneto and Professor Xavier, respectively, in ‘X-Men’. Although their characters were mortal enemies, the reality is that they became inseparable from that moment.

Patrick Stewart Ian Mckellen XMen

“In that kind of movies, you spend more time sitting in front of the camera. Then, Ian and I spent some time together, sipping tea and perhaps by the afternoon, something a little stronger. Enough so that we could know each other. And the charm of this was that we discovered that we had a lot in common, said Stewart.