Prospectus cuban the Yankees, the first player system MLB that are positive for the coronavirus


The young prospect cuban Denny Larrondo, New York Yankees, is the first player who gives the positive test of coronavirus in the world of Major League baseball, confirmed the Ball site Cuban.

Larrondo, 17 years old, is currently isolated and receiving treatment. The player is evolving favorably, according to the release issued by the general manager of the Yankees, Brian Cashman.

“The symptoms of the player have been removed. No longer have a fever or fatigue. Is much better, though still isolated,” explained Cashman.

The players of the team were training at the general headquarters in Tampa, but as of this Sunday Major League baseball banned the concentration of players in all the clubs, faced with the growing threat of the COVID-19 in the country.

Larrondo did not attend the training on Friday because had a fever. The medical staff of the team carried out the tests to detect influenza or strep, but to be negative, he was transferred to the General Hospital of Tampa. A laboratory in Tallahassee, confirmed that the young man was infected with COVID-19.

According to Cashman, the shooter of 17 years “had no interaction with our players Major League baseball”, so that the Department of Health in Hillsborough county, despite being alert, you are not worried about possible infection.

As a precaution, all players in the Minor League, some coaches and support staff, will remain in quarantine until the 25th of march.

The young pitcher, born in Villa Clara may 31, 2020, was signed by the Yankees in July of 2018.