“Stay at home”, the moving song by the coronavirus of a cuban artist from Spain


The cuban singer Katia Marquez, who resides in Madrid, Spain since the year 2005, has added to the constant message of awareness that have begun to circulate by all means of communication after having been declared a quarantine in the country to try to curb the coronavirus and he has done it the best way that you can get to yours: through music.

The artist released a song called Stay at home in the who advises people to be responsible and that you follow each of the guidelines sent to the various health-care institutions and government to remain in the homes in order to curb the spread of the already declared a pandemic.

“I wrote this song called a social, and a small video in addition. What is important is that the greater number of people to receive the message. It is a salsa, cuban rhythm to dance to with a strong message of solidarity,” said Katia to CiberCuba.

The simple, characterized by the rhythms of popular dance and uploaded to your YouTube channel, it presents in its letter stanzas such as:

“It is a time for solidarity! Stay at home. Time to demonstrate. That this is the opportunity. To stretch the hand from the heart. Time you want more. Time to understand the responsibility. Time to reflect. Time to take care of humanity.”

Katia Marquez has not been the only cuban that has taken this type of initiative and has used the art to contribute their bit to the cause against the coronavirus.

The singer and songwriter popularly known as Ariel of Cuba, I also believe and released a subject under the same title and with the same message of awareness to the quarantine for the disease.

Spain, the country in which they reside both artists, is one of the most are suffering the spread of the COVID-19. This weekend, the government led by the president Pedro Sanchez declared the State of Alarm national and with it the prohibition to the citizens to get out to the street except for reasons of first need.