Taylor Swift sends message by coronavirus, is asking its fans to be more responsible


Taylor Swift she asked her fans to be more aware and responsible response to the pandemic of coronavirus that has affected the world since weeks ago and have more care during the quarantine period.

Through their stories Instagram, Taylor Swift noted as some of your fans have taken advantage of the work stoppage, or work-from-home businesses have given for trips or holidays, which increases the risks of contagion.

Taylor Swift sends message by coronavirus, is asking its fans to be more responsible

The Instagram of Taylor Swift

“I follow many of you and I love you so much but I need to express my concern that they do not give the gravitas to the situation…

…I see that many parties and meetings are still happening. This is the time to cancel plans, asilarse as much as you can and don’t assume that because they do not feel patients are not broadcasting something to the elderly or other vulnerable persons”.

Taylor Swift ended her message with: “it Is a frightening time but we need to make sacrifices in social right now.”

Taylor Swift warns for the coronavirus

After the message of Taylor Swift, her fans all over the world congratulated him for his message also reminded other fans to follow the advice of the singer and be more responsible to avoid other infections.

“The thing is so serious that the same taylor swift had to go out to tell the donkeys mensos who are staying in your home. Or DID you GRAB THE CELL phone AND ENTER TO A SOCIAL NETWORK. TO IT. THE GATOCUEVA. They had better make the case that this does not happen, huh,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

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