“The cubans we’ve cleaned up with banana leaf”


The reguetonero cubano Osmani Garcia he called on his followers to “not be frightened” due to the lack of toilet paper you have left the shopping panic Miami by the coronavirus because “the cubans we’ve cleaned it up with a banana leaf” and “we are prepared for all of this.”

“I want to remind the cubans that we are prepared, that for years we use newspapers and even banana leaves. Who was not at the school to the field? Do not make more fine, please, let yourself be scare,” said the artist, laughing.

After teasing for “the comical situation that has been unleashed in the nets” by the lack of toilet paper, Osmani took the opportunity to send good wishes to their followers and advise them to follow the instructions of the authorities.

“A lot of strength to all the people who may be sick, stay well-groomed, try not to be in places where there are a lot of people, many blessings to you and your families, it is time to pray and be with your family,” he said.

Osmani also said that he was with some respiratory symptoms and that if it continued, the Monday to go to the doctor.

“I’ve caught the common cold from two days ago, Monday if I do so I will pal doctor”.