The death of a character in the last chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been not so unexpected


The consequences of the pandemic of the Coronavirus have been stalled for the whole world but, although it sounds contradictory, ‘The Walking Dead’ follow-up. On the 15th of march, premiered the episode 12 of the tenth season and, in the absence of the other four to finish with this batch of episodes, we begin to say goodbye to the series with the death of one of the most important characters of the last few seasons.

The chapter begins with a great battle directed by Carol and Daryl (Norman Reedus) against the walkersa voltage that prepares you for the development of the rest of frames. Even so, you leave the best for last, when Denying (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill in the middle of the forest Alpha (Samantha Morton), traicionándola and leaving free the position of head of the Susurradores.

'Alpha and Denying it in The Walking Dead'

The more fans of the comics, they have not been caught by surprise by this sudden death, as in the original story happened in the same way. The same thing has happened to Samantha Morton, the protagonist. In an interview with Insider ensures thatI knew from the beginning that the arc of the character would end up as welllike I knew that Denying it would be its executor.

The character of Alpha debuted on the ninth season of the series but Samantha Morton has never come to see a chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’ neither before nor after, I personally do not see every week. It just doesn’t work for me. But I think that if the director needed to see my performance on the set and see if I can do this or that, then maybe we could discuss it but no, normally I can not see myself”.

With the disappearance of the character of Alpha the future of the series is uncertain, it is still yet to know the reaction of Beta before this treason of Denying and how this will affect the Susurradores. According to Morton she herself dare to imagine what is going to get, “I don’t see the series, I will do it some day. Nor psicoanalizo to the other characters, I don’t know if that makes sense. Just play the Alpha and I really don’t know what you are going to feel Beta or what is going to happen to him or anything like that, says the actress.

This chapter premiere will air again tonight on Fox bent to the Spanish for all those who have not been able to see it on Sunday night.

Next Sunday

As is usual, at the end of the last episode they have shown the first images of which will be the episode number 13. Images that bring back to Andrea (Laurie Holden), a character who had died since the third season.

The episode 13 will be in which Michonne (Danai Gurira) appears for the last time in the series. Andrea and her had a close relationship while the first continued to live. For this occasion, the writers have decided to start with a flashback of both and scene that takes us to the end of the second season in the episode ‘Beside the Dying Fire’, where Michonne saves Andrea from death at the hands of a group of walkers.

To know the meaning of this memory in the end of Michonne in the series we wait for the Sunday, march 22nd.