The hidden danger of the paella rice that puts your health at risk


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March 15, 2020
(10:34 CET)

The paella it is a dish of Spanish origin that has become an eminence at the global level. Many countries have endorsed this recipe, creating different variants with other ingredients, but always maintaining the essence base: rice.

This culinary excellence is created by certain basic ingredients as the medium-grain rice, chicken, rabbit, tomato, pallar, saffron, peas, clams, green beans, among others. These combine to give you a taste without equal. Its invention dates back to the years in which they began to cook the rice in Valencia, the time before Christ.

Therefore, you have more history that an infinite number of meals. The matter is that it has been distorting to the point of causing those who consume it.


The problem immersed in the pan

If you’re a loyal diner of the pan, you know what is the Socarrat. The ingredients release their juices during the cooking process, the water connects it all, and as it is finishing cooking, accumulates in the lower part, forming the toasted rice for fat. This is not to burn the rice, but leave it crisp.

The technologist of food, Mario Sanchez, revealed with concern that: “We are increasing the amount of chemical substances potentially hazardous to health, such as acrylamide, heterocyclic amines (HCA) or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS)”. These are organic compounds that, after burning the food as the meat, are present, being likely to cause different types of cancer. It also notes that: “All that is charring is bad for your health”.

The substance is less harmful, that contains the paella is the ricebecause that’s not has a large quantity of these substances. Even so, the presence of meat in the dish, compromises the healthiness of the recipe if you are cooking more than ideal. In conclusion, all excesses are always bad, including cooking.